Leen Kawas: Entreprenuer and BioTech Executive

Leen Kawas is an entrepreneur, inventor, and Biotech executive. She has immense experience in clinical trial methodologies, financing, commercialization, regulatory strategies, operation, and drug discovery. These experiences play a significant role in helping her assess life sciences opportunities. They were also instrumental in making sure she succeeded as the ex-CEO of Athira Pharma. She relied on these skills to raise approximately $400 million and successfully lead the organization through an initial public offering (IPO). An IPO basically refers to the first time a company publicly raises finance. Before an IPO, the company can only rely on private investment, which may not fetch large sums of money.

What’s more, Leen Kawas used these skills when she was the managing general partner for Propel Bio Partners. It is safe to say that she will keep relying on them for more success in her career. Leen’s leadership and accomplishments have also fetched her lots of awards. These include GeekWire Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist, which she won in 2016; EY Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist, which she was awarded in 2016 as well, not to mention PharmaVOICE 100 honoree, which she won in 2017. Leen is also a proud winner of recent awards, which are the 2021 Endpoints 20(+1) and the 2020 Life Science Entrepreneurial Achievement Award, to name but a few.

Another thing so impressive about Leen Kawas is that she is on several boards. These are the Life Science Washington Board, the Alzheimer’s Association’s Washington Chapter Board, and the Scientific Review Board for the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation. Plus, she served in the capacity of the co-chair of the International Alzheimer’s Association Business Consortium. Given Leen’s numerous accolades, it is easy to see why she is highly celebrated. Besides, Leen Kawas is a huge supporter of women scientist entrepreneurs. She is a constant reminder that women are capable of so much more.

Learn more about Leen Kawas: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/leen-kawas

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