Ron Gutman: The Innovative Co-CEO of Intrivo

Ron Gutman is an exceptional inventor, entrepreneur, investor, educator, and writer. With a passion for creating companies that aim to help people lead happier and healthier lives, Ron Gutman has founded and supported several successful, mission-driven organizations that have positively impacted millions worldwide. As a renowned advocate of positivity and smiling, he authored and presented a popular TED talk and book on the Impact of Smiling that was translated into 53 languages and viewed by millions. In addition to his work as a lecturer at Stanford University, Ron Gutman co-authored a leadership framework to help leaders navigate the new reality of exponential, perpetual, and pervasive change.


Healthcare expert Ron Gutman is the founder and first CEO of Interactive Health company HealthApp, where he led the development of several groundbreaking inventions, including the first Health Operating System. This is, HOPES, an artificial intelligence tool for symptom triage, and Dr. A.I. on Alexa. Ron Gutman also founded the Live Long & Flourish Club, a not-for-profit community of individuals committed to discovering and scientifically validating the most effective health solutions to help everyone flourish.


As an angel investor and advisor to health and technology companies, including Rock Health, KPMG, and Doximity, Ron Gutman is recognized as a thought leader in technology, health innovation, and business. He frequently speaks at academic institutions and technology and health conferences, such as TED, the World Economic Forum, and the Wearable Tech + Digital Health Conference. Since the COVID-19 crisis began, Ron Gutman has played a significant role in bringing together experts from academia, medicine, foundations, and industry to predict, warn, manage, and prevent the virus’s spread. 


Up to now, the serial entrepreneur and business expert also produced a virtual global summit on virtual health and mental wellbeing during a world of social distancing, where he orchestrated a global standing ovation for healthcare workers dedicated to saving lives. Intrivo, Ron Gutman’s latest venture, is a digital health company that aims to tackle the world’s next health challenges, helping people live happier, healthier, and safer lives. 

Ron Gutman serves as the Co-CEO of Intrivo, which has experienced significant growth since its founding in South Florida. In conclusion, his exceptional work and innovations in health technology and positivity have earned him recognition as one of the most intriguing entrepreneurs at the Goldman Sachs Builders and Innovators Summit. Ron Gutman´s commitment to creating companies that positively impact millions worldwide has earned him a reputation as an inspiring and influential leader in the technology and health industries.