Discovering the Benefits of Working With Hughes Marino

Hughes Marino, a commercial planning and design company, offers a variety of services to its clients. 


Founded in 1994, the company has since grown to employ over 100 professionals on their team. Hughes Marino assists clients in achieving success in their commercial planning and design endeavors. They achieve this through their expertise in tenant representation, buyer representation, lease restructuring, sale-leaseback transactions, program management, project management, construction management, planning and design, physical distancing analysis, portfolio lease administration/advisory, lease accounting, lease auditing, and culture consulting.


Tenant Representation


Tenant representation services from Hughes Marino help businesses secure the ideal space for their needs. The company’s in-depth market knowledge and experience give them the insight to identify the best locations for clients and negotiate the most beneficial lease terms. The team also works to ensure that the tenant’s needs are represented during the entire process.


Buyer Representation


Hughes Marino’s buyer representation services are designed to help clients find the perfect asset to purchase. Their team utilizes a comprehensive approach that includes analyzing the current market, understanding the client’s needs and goals, and providing specialized advice throughout the process. The representation team also provides assistance with due diligence and closing, as well as helps clients find financing options.


Lease Restructuring


The team at Hughes Marino also assists clients with lease restructuring; their expertise allows them to identify potential cost savings and negotiate the best terms for their clients. The team’s lease restructuring services include analyzing existing lease documents, identifying hidden costs, and providing advice on how to achieve the best outcomes.


Sale-Leaseback Transactions

Hughes Marino buyer and tenant rep firm provides assistance with sale-leaseback transactions. Their team is specialized in the knowledge and experience to identify the most beneficial terms for clients and help them achieve their desired outcomes. The team also provides advice and assistance with due diligence, closing, and financing.