Why Amy’s Kitchen is the Vegan Restaurant of Choice for Many

Amy’s KitchenWhen it comes to fast foods, vegans have limited options. They have to choose from a limited menu or settle for low-quality foods. This is the gap that Amy’s Kitchen aims at filling. This is a chain of restaurants that offer vegan food made from high-quality organic ingredients. From sumptuous soups to tasty enchiladas and amazing macaroni & cheese, theirs is a full menu.

Amy’s Kitchen started in 1987 and now has branches in 11 countries. There are many items on the menu and they all have one thing in common- they are vegan and healthy. You can find something you will love on this menu. Even if you are trying to avoid gluten you will have 140 foods to choose from. Looking for kosher certified foods? The menu has over 200 dishes to choose from!

According to Amy’s Kitchen’s president, Paul Schiefer, every meal made at their kitchens is made from quality ingredients sourced directly from farmers. He says, “We’re really cooking food, not manufacturing it.” The food is prepared in the same way as it would be at a home kitchen. This approach ensures the food has the all-important personal touch that is usually missing in other fast-foods. The result is tasty food that is enjoyed by anyone who takes a bite.

Amy’s Kitchen is environment-conscious. Other than using organic ingredients, they also use environment-friendly packaging. Majority of their packaging materials are compostable or recyclable. The company has often given back to the community in the form of free meals given to disaster relief and the local communities. Amy’s also values its employees and has been recognized as one of the best places to work in San Francisco. It offers scholarships to children of its employees. Scheifer says.” We really are trying to take care of the people within our business as well as the people that surround our business.”

Amy’s KitchenSome Americans want to eat vegan food because they want to eat healthy while others are passionate about protecting the environment. Regardless of the reasons, many prefer Amy’s kitchen as their best vegan restaurant. Here they get tasty food served at their convenience!

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