More than 80% of the human beings around the world have access to the internet, so it is a highly important technology as business expert and philanthropist Jason Hope states. Social media networks have needed to continue to evolve over the years because people are always using them in different ways. 


In the beginning, all people were doing was trying to get people to “like ” their posts, but now, they use social media for all kinds of things. Jason Hope explains that these include growing their businesses, sharing tips and finding information. The fact that people can get so much out of these platforms means that social media networks are now more important than ever (Crunchbase). 


Companies focus on their social media pages because their customers are frequenting those pages rather than any of their business pages. People don’t know where this all will end, so they decided to ask Jason Hope about it. 


What Does Jason Hope Think?

Activist Investor Jason Hope

As an accurate business futurologist, the activist investor and philanthropist believes that social media is not getting ready to go away any time in the near or foreseeable future. 


One of the reasons that social media is so important today is because it is helping businesses grow. No one expected companies to be able to sell their products through direct sales, but they are doing it. Up to now, research has shown that people are willing to purchase from a company’s WhatsApp or Instagram page.


Jason Hope on What Is the Importance of Followers?


The reason that social media sales are so high is because these websites and apps have followers. If a site or an app has several followers, people trust the influencer. A regular website doesn’t have followers, so they are not getting as many sales. Their customers can only rely on a few online reviews. Jason Hope believes that this is the reason that businesses are focusing on their social media presence rather than a website.


In addition to that, Jason Hope suggests that companies focus on placing targeted ads on their mobile apps rather than trying to increase their website traffic.