Serial entrepreneur and businessman Jason Hughes is the Hughes Marino CEO, based in San Diego, California. He is the former chairman of The San Diego Association of Realtors and president of The San Diego Area Business Association. Jason Hughes has represented businesses, professionals, and companies in commercial and industrial transactions, including sales, leases, and acquisitions. Jason has also handled high-level business development and complex estate planning.


For years, Jason Hughes has been the single most influential, visionary planning and design broker in San Diego. The serial entrepreneur Jason Hughes is the son of Robert M. Hughes, former U.S. Ambassador to Barbados and Canada. In addition, he is the founder of Hughes International, a consulting firm for distressed planning and design in emerging markets. He has been involved in countless deals representing foreign governments and other major international players in domestic transactions. He has been serving the University of San Diego School of Business Advisory Board.


He is also a Governor-appointed member of the University of California Santa Barbara Business Roundtable, and others. Jason Hughes works in a very technical area. He started the country’s first tenant representation firm, which helped manage the building’s high-profile tenants, including Yahoo and Priceline. Hughes Marino is located in North Park, San Diego’s one-of-a-kind microcosm of the city’s micro-economy. The micro-region was built from ground zero in the 1960s and boasted some of San Diego’s most innovative tech and high-tech firms. 

It has become a cultural and educational hub, where all facets of San Diego’s economy are located. Since its formation, Hughes Marino has become a leader in tenant representation, representing over 2,500 California clients, including enterprise-sized tenants, tech startups, hospitality organizations, and municipal entities. Finally, Jason Hughes adds that, as the most prominent exclusive tenant representative in California, Hughes Marino works with over 30 member organizations to help clients identify and expand their business footprint and, ultimately, their business income.