The last two years have not been the best for the international community. Everyone was forced to accept the change brought by the corona pandemic. The same as Ron Gutman, no one could proceed with their daily routine when the pandemic began in 2020. Going to work every morning was no longer possible. 


Children could not go to their school to acquire education like they had been doing in the past. Crucial things such as health management became very difficult, too, because of the pandemic, even for Ron Gutman. Everyone had to learn how to work and deliver the best results at home. Wearing masks and other protective gear became the order of the day too. Some of these practices were uncomfortable to the people, but they had to be implemented for the safety of everyone. 


Ron Gutman, a corporate leader in America, struggled with his businesses amid the pandemic too. The healthcare and business expert couldn’t enjoy normal activities such as dinner with friends. The serial entrepreneur saw a lot of transformation among businesses that could navigate the challenges presented by COVID-19. 


Virtualization at the workplace, e-commerce, virtual health and online learning turned out to be incredible inventions for everyone. In the ordinary community, Ron Gtuman states, some of these changes could have taken years to be implemented. Because of the hardship in the market, however, these things happened in months. 

Everyone, including young children, had to learn these new life features. Leaders in different industries have struggled significantly while trying to address the complex changes in their industries. Everything has been happening at top speed. According to Ron Gutman, some of the new practices in the market required a lot of money to be implemented, yet the businesses were struggling to make profits and pay their workers.