Reeve Benaron On Customer Behavior Analysis

The Co-CEO of Intrivo, Reeve Benaron, has a marketing and product development background. Before working at Intrivo, he advised early-stage startups and encouraged using new technologies. His experience ranges from client-side to server-side development, database design, device integration, and eCommerce.


Reeve is a champion for innovation, often speaking about emerging technologies changing the face of marketing and business. His innovations have influenced Intrivo’s business strategy and how we promote products, services, and technologies. Reeve Benaron assures that Intrivo’s artificial intelligence software is intuitive and easy for everyone to use. 


It gathers information from various sources to provide analysts with the intelligence necessary for business decisions. The intelligent agents at Intrivo analyze customer interactions and then make recommendations based on the results of their analysis. According to Reeve Benaron, this intelligence combines traditional marketing data to provide actionable information that drives growth, retention, and revenues.


As the Co-CEO, business expert Reeve Benaron has taken a leading role in all aspects of Intrivo’s growth. He has overseen the development of an intelligent, interactive platform that is helping businesses around the world make smarter and faster business decisions. IntrivoHealth corporation currently provides solutions for automotive dealerships, hospitality corporations, media companies, healthcare providers, and more. 


The healthcare and business expert explains that it is also designed to support online retailers who want to learn more about their clients’ engagement and purchase behaviors. Reeve Benaron is a strong proponent of innovation based on emerging technologies that have the potential to positively impact not just marketing but every aspect of business and life itself. He shares his ideas and enthusiasm for emerging technologies through conference talks, on his blog, and in articles for industry-related publications.