Randy Douthit Achievements in the Film Industry

Randy DouthitA legendary figure in the film industry was born on November 15, 1949, in Newberg, Oregon. His parents are Ralph Loren and Elizabeth (Butler) Douthit. When he was young, a delivery truck dropped a considerable package, which he later discovered to be a television. When his grandma turned on the television, his desire and dream to be the program’s star began. On his head, the light beam was reflected. He was four years old.

He produced a “variety show” at his grandparents’ barn at nine. He rode around the neighborhood on his bike, selling the 10-cent tickets.

At 23, Randy Douthit began his career as a director at the KGW and Peabody Award-winning children’s show “How Come” in Portland. He continued to appear on TV programs, such as regular morning chat shows. After that, he became the executive producer and director of “Crossfire,” the network’s most popular program of all time, joining a young and fresh CNN.

For creating Crossfire and a weekly news panel program, he was honored with the CableAce Awards. Randy Douthit had the chance to develop and direct the primetime Larry King Live show in 1985, which won a Peabody Award.

When he joined, he had the opportunity to oversee the growth of Quincy Jones Entertainment, including the creation of the smash hit primetime sitcom “Fresh Prince of Bel Air.” Randy worked hard and was proud of his long-running, three-time Emmy Award-winning program, “Judge Judy,” in addition to the vast amount of labor.

Randy DouthitRandy oversees development for Judy Sheindlin’s production company, Queen Bee Productions, in addition to serving as director and executive producer of the television series “Judge Judy” (CBS Television Distribution) and “Judy Justice” (Amazon Studios).

Despite having a long list of accomplishments, he is highly pleased with his job at Judge Judy. As Judge Judy’s executive producer and director, Douthit wanted to ensure that the show consistently ranked as the top television show throughout its first 12 seasons of syndication.