Overview of author and journalist Roy Beck and his grassroots organization NumbersUSA

Roy Beck is recognized as the president of the grassroots organization NumbersUSA. NumbersUSA is known for having a dedicated fanbase of over 9 million US citizens interested in immigration reform and policies. Before founding NumbersUSA, Beck worked as a journalist and author for over three decades for Booth Newspapers chain and was a Washington correspondent. The author attended and graduated from The University of Missouri School of Journalism.

Roy Beck has been labeled as one of the nation’s first environment-beat reporters at the time during the 60s and 70s. The journalist won awards for his work and reported in over 30 states and a dozen countries. He has worked and written for many different newspapers in several states throughout his career. Beck is also known for being the author of two books based on religion, ethics, and foreign policy.

These books are “On Thin Ice” and “Prophets & Politics.” The two novels focused around immigration are as follows, “Re-Charting America’s Future” and “The Case Against Immigration: The moral, economic, social and environmental reasons for reducing immigration back to traditional levels.” His work has been featured in several notable publications like The New York Times.

One of his reports featured in the Atlantic Monthly was described as one of the most important writings of the 1990s, according to Encyclopedia’s Britannica’s “The Annals of America.” This groundbreaking report, one that has been viewed by over 150 million people on social media outlets such as Facebook and YouTube, led to the idea and formation of NumbersUSA in 1996 along with the strong fanbase that supports it.

Roy Beck has conducted many sprawl studies with the organization over time since the year 2000. The author has also done presentations around immigration at colleges like Dartmouth College and in several different US states. Visit this page for additional information.


Learn more about Beck on https://www.nytimes.com/2014/12/04/us/politics/roy-h-beck-quietly-leads-a-grass-roots-army.html


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