For over 25 years, NumbersUSA has advocated streamlining immigration policies to match historical levels. Roy Beck, an award-winning journalist, founded the grassroots organization in 1996. Beck holds a journalism degree from Missouri University and was among the nation’s first reporters at Environmental-Newsbeat.

President Clinton’s Population and Consumption Task Force and the United States Commission on Immigration Reform unearthed interesting insights on immigration trends and their impact on the economy.

The reports revealed that applying appropriate limits to legal immigrant admission was critical to safeguarding the country’s living standards. The commission reports advocated reducing immigration levels to sustainable numbers to lower the impact of immigrants on the economy and the environment.

Though the organization supports immigration and international collaboration, NumberUSA believes in harmonizing immigration policies to serve the nation’s best interest. Despite advocating for pro-immigration-reduction reforms, the grassroots organization condemns racial profiling. The organization has no political affiliations and comprises members from different political parties.

Throughout its existence, the grassroots organization has been engaging policymakers, industry leaders, and the public about the dangers of excessive immigration levels. A lenient immigration policy would disrupt millions of citizens’ employment prospects. The group believes excessive immigration is among the reasons contributing to high unemployment due to competition with immigrant workers.

NumbersUSA notes that high immigration levels could be behind the wage stagnation for most low-income workers, which promotes poverty and a deterioration in living standards. The most affected occupations include the hospitality, tourism, and packaging sectors.

The organization advocates for ending chain immigration, a system where legal immigrants facilitate entry for family and friends. The group recommends the adoption of an electronic verification to ensure all workers entering the country have the relevant authorization. NumbersUSA advocates matching an immigrant’s skills to the nation’s interest during green card issuance. The organization recommends adopting regulations that require one or both parents to have U.S. citizenship when granting birth certificates. Click this page to learn more.


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