Miki Agrawal Delivers Advice As a Public Speaker

Miki Agrawal is an entrepreneur, social activist, and co-founder of THINX, a startup that makes period underwear for women.

In her time as a CEO and business owner,Miki Agrawal has learned what it’s like to face adversity.

In 2013, THINX became embroiled in a controversy when the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office demanded that Agrawal cease using the word “period” in her company’s name.


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Agrawal was forced to fight back after becoming the target of a malicious campaign on social media and by women’s-rights organizations who claimed that using female-specific language like “period” trivializes issues women face with their menstrual cycle, including PMS and endometriosis.

In 2016, Agrawal’s work was featured in a segment of the PBS documentary How to Build a Girl by directors Andrea Arnold and Rachel Tunnard. The film portrays the story of a young girl dealing with gender identity disorder and social issues. Agrawal is also featured in interviews and addresses the issue more generally.

Miki Agrawal has spoken extensively about her experiences as a female entrepreneur and creator.

Agrawal is dedicated to supporting other women entrepreneurs and women in general. She has donated her time and money to organizations such as Girls Inc. (New York), Entrepreneurship for Women in NYC, The New School, One Girl, One World, and WE Fund Girls.

Agrawal attended a private school for much of her early education. She later attended Cornell University, where she studied computer science, receiving a BFA in 2002.

Agrawal’s use of technology to promote women’s health and equality in the workplace is an example of “disruptive innovation.” In 2017, Agrawal testified before the United States House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform hearing “New Ideas for Improving our Misdiagnosed Healthcare System: Innovating and Improving on Clinical Practices to Save Lives.”

Agrawal has been called a “champion of women’s rights.” Agrawal has spoken about the importance of “awareness to the power of women’s rights.”

Miki Agrawal advocates for women’s rights and serves as an Ambassador for Girls Inc. of NYC, a nonprofit organization that provides after-school programs, college scholarships, and free community health programs to low-income girls ages 6–18.

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