In recent years, cryptocurrency has become a popular form of payment and transaction worldwide. Despite this growth, there’s still a lot to be learned about crypto technology. Recently, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies suffered a major drop in value. This happened after the Chinese Banking Association posted a statement on their website, advising financial institutions to avoid using such currencies. To many people, this might have seemed like the downfall of crypto, but Jason Hope believes otherwise and has a different perspective on the future of crypto. 


Jason Hope believes that digital currency technology has been evolving and such incidences are part of the growth process. Jason strongly believes that crypto will be the change needed for future business. Here are some reasons to back up his thinking:


Crypto’s Promise for E-commerce


Jason Hope says that for e-commerce to grow to its full potential, it needs digital currencies. These currencies have lower transaction fees, so they’re beneficial to both sellers and buyers. For example, based on his research, transactions made through cryptocurrencies are either free of charge or as low as 1%.


Jason Hope at The T Gen Foundation

Safe and Secure Transactions


The futurist predicts that businesses will need a more secure online transaction system since they need to gain their customers’ trust. For a long time, there hasn’t been a viable solution to this, but cryptocurrencies offer the exact secure transactions that businesses are looking for. According to Jason Hope, using digital currencies will reduce fraud and as a result, make customers feel safe. 


Raising Capital Made Easier


Start-up companies seem to have a hard time raising capital. Jason Hope says that with digital currencies, the process will become easier since people will be able to raise capital cheaply through the wide pool of investors globally. He says that raising capital through digital currencies is much easier and quicker than with traditional methods.


What Does Jason Hope Have to Say About the Future?

As per his research, Jason Hope predicts that cryptocurrency is here to stay. Despite the few setbacks that might make it look bad, it’s the only better way to improve the e-commerce market. Yes, cryptocurrencies are volatile, but the activist investor predicts that they will soon become stable for companies to start using them.