Securus Technologies: A Reputable Brand Among Correctional Facilities

Securus Technologies Inc. is a prison technology-based company that provides world-class civil and criminal justice tech-solutions to enhance public safety, detainee experience, parolee monitoring and general information management systems.


The company was founded in 1986 and has since expanded its telecommunications services throughout five states, including, Carrollton, TX; Allen, TX; and Atlanta, GO and has employed more than 1000 staffs. Its client list includes over 2500 state penitentiaries and correctional centers in the United States.


The company has employed highly skilled engineers, technology experts, innovators and creative designers who integrate ideas to develop the best technologies that stand alone. It is the company’s mission to remain a market leader by offering high-quality solutions that provide employment opportunities while maintaining a high level of service quality.


On November 1, 2016, Securus Technologies announced the expansion of its portfolio to other diversified realms including high-tech, high software information business with products within vertical consumer markets:


“Our expansion is majorly owed to our $605 million investment in technological devices and identifying partners, patents, and firms within the last four years”, remarked Richard Smith, Securus Technologies’ Chairman, and CEO. We are no longer an inmate phone company anymore – far from that, as we’re doing more than that to serve our clients.”


“We have received thousands of positive comments through email and letters regarding our technological systems and what it has done in the endeavor toward maintaining public safety. Creating a safer environment is part of the company’s DNA, and we are honored to protect and serve,” he concluded.


Below are some comments of some of the Facility Consumers who use technological solutions by Securus to solve crime.


  • “I wanted to thank Securus for their LBS software. Using the software, along with other resources available at our (law enforcement) disposal, the sheriff’s department has discovered millions of illegally acquired assets, drugs, and cold cash. “


  • “For more than 10 years, our correctional center has relied on technological solutions from Securus. It inspires to see what our service provider is dedicated to transforming life in prison and helping us solve crime and enhance public safety.”


Securus Technologies – Helping Modernize the Law Enforcement Sector

Securus Technologies is one of the well-respected firms in the correctional industry, and it has helped in ways more than one to modernize as well as reform the industry. The company has a stream of useful and efficient products and services for the inmates as well as the law enforcement agencies, which are known to be highly economical as well. The company believes in providing quality products backed by exemplary customer service. Securus Technologies has its headquarters based in Dallas, Texas, where the company also has its Technology Center. The Technology Center is also the facility company uses to develop new products and services that are superior to what the competitors offer.



Securus Technologies is relentless in developing new age technology for the inmate communications as well as law enforcement sector. The company has many different products and services to offer to the detainees, including the money transfer services, video services, phone services, kiosks, photo sharing services, voice messaging system, email services, video visitation, and more. The video visitation services have helped in bridging the communication gap between the inmates and their family members. Many of the inmates can sustain their relationships even from the prisons due to the inmate communication facilities provided by Securus Technologies.



Securus Technologies has invested over $600 million in the past few years to develop cutting edge products and services. The company currently provides the law enforcement technology to over 2,400 law enforcement agencies across the United States, District of Columbia, and Canada. In the years to come, Securus Technologies plans to provide its efficient services to many other states across the country. At present, over 1.2 million inmates across the country are using the inmate communications services offered by Securus, and that figure is expected to grow at a massive pace shortly as the company plans expansion.