Monkey Capital an Overnight Success Under Daniel Mark Harrison

As a global innovator in the investment world, Daniel Mark Harrison has a long track-record of coming out on top in spectacular fashion. An entrepreneur of the highest level, perhaps Harrison’s greatest achievement is the successful spreading of the block-chain model of business & infrastructure. This model would allow not only near total security of digital transactions, but also remove much of the threat of digital IP piracy by accounting for every legal copy of an asset which exists.

As an author and journalist, Daniel Mark Harrison contributes reguarly and with great impact within the financial world. His works include The Millennial Reincarnations as well as his contributions as Editor-in-Chief of Coinspeaker. In his writing career, Harrison has broken a number of stories, but none of these contributions were as significant or important as his work in advocating the future Block-Chain economy and Facory Banking.

Daniel Mark Harrison has staked his reputation and future on the lofty principles for which he proselytizes in establishing Monkey Capital. Based on the idea that once an asset is established and can not be replicated through nefarious means, the block-chain model allows Monkey to provide piece of mind for investors. Coupled with Factory Banking–invented by Harrison himself–as a foundation for monetization, a real-world value was able to be established for these assets. In essense, Monkey sold future currency in today’s economy via COEVAL trading, a token currency which could be purchased as an investment guaranteeing ownership of a certain value of future crypto-currencies.

That may all seems very complicated, but it’s quite simple, in terms of investment opportunities. Daniel Mark Harrison created a platform by which investors could purchase stake in the future of crypto-currencies before they were created. This both guaranteed a certain market-base at initialization of these future currencies (adding to their value), and gave early-investors a massive leg-up on those who would wait and purchase them later. Time will tell what the future holds for Monkey, but under Harrison’s direction, it looks very bright.

The Towering Achievements of Former UTC CEO Louis Chenevert

Louis R. Chenevert has an unmatched reputation when it comes down to running a business. He has made accomplishments in ten years at United Technologies Corporation than most executives can do in thirty to forty years if they are lucky. Now let’s take a look at the incredible career of this remarkable man named Louis R.Chenevert.

Louis R. Chenevert is a Canadian who worked for General Motors for ten years. He worked his way until he became President of the Pratt and Whitney Canada Division. He held that post for more than six years until he became President of United Technologies Corporation in 2006. This is the bread and butter of the career of Louis R. Chenevert.

In a little more than eight years time, Louis R. Chenevert made United Technologies Corporation a force to be reckoned with on the U.S. stage as well as the world. Early on in his Presidency at UTC he was determined to acquire the company, Goodrich. He got the deal done for just over eighteen million dollars after long negotiations. This was very impressive for the new leader of UTC but that is only the beginning of what Chenevert would accomplish.

In the next few years, he would come to totally revitalize the company and leave it on sure and solid financial footing. First, he invested in the workers at UTC by allowing them to finish their college degrees in their respective fields. He was also not afraid to invest in the latest technology for the company that was available in order to make the company more competitive. Soon the fruits of his labor paid off big. He was able to manufacture a new engine for the government and make UTC a reputable name is the aerospace and technology sectors.

After eight years, Chenevert stepped down as CEO and President of UTC. He now works at Goldman Sachs, finding new technologies for clients to invest in. With a reputation like his, Louis Chenevert is one of the most influential people in the business world today. His achievements and stature will be hard to beat.

What’s Something New That Whitney Wolfe Offers Her Fans?

Whitney Wolfe has always admired her own work and loved the progression found in the brand. She loves how well the Bumble brand has grown over the years as becoming one of the most reliable dating apps on the net. Today, millions of users are using it to find relationships and go on dates.

She wanted to expand what dating app has already done by creating a place where those in New York can come together and meet one another without the pressure of a traditional date. The Bumble real life physical space has such incredible seats and such a beautiful atmosphere very reminiscent to a famous startups office.

Bumble is going to provide everybody with the chance to grow and actually get to meet those they have talked to online. Bumble is going to provide you with a multitude of opportunities of meeting the ones you like actually in person in a safe setting. Whitney Wolfe wants to create a place where those who don’t need to be in a relationship or aren’t looking for one can still use Bumble. The Bumble BFF app is going to change the way we all find new friends. Expanding your social circle is probably very tough to do in your mind, but the beauty of using apps like these is that they can help open the door to growing and making new friends. There are people who have been using this to swipe right on people who have the same exact interests as them. They love the chance to making new friends through the help of a simple swipe.

Bumble is trying to get into the business side of the world by creating a solution to those wanting to network. Bumble Bizz is going to someday launch as the source for all things business and it can be just what somebody needs if they want to meet new business insiders within the area.

Whitney Wolfe is here to provide you with the chance to grow and meet new people, whether you want to meet them for a date or even as just a potential friend.

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Sheldon Lavin – CEO Of OSI

Sheldon Lavin is Chairman and CEO of OSI Group, LLC, a global supplier of value-added food products. They offer custom food development and worldwide food supply chain management. The company operates throughout 17 countries, providing high quality food products.

Sheldon Lavin started his career in the meat and food industry over 43 years ago. He had initially worked as an executive in the banking industry. OSI Group is run like a large family, and everyone there has longevity with the company.

In 1970, Sheldon Lavin arranged some financing for Otto & Sons, the predecessor of one of OSI’s divisions. The company had the opportunity to become the Midwest meat supplier to McDonald’s, but needed financing. Lavin was asked to have an ownership interest in the company in order to get bank financing. By 1975, he was very involved with Otto & Sons, and started handling their overseas investments. He became a partner in the business.

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In the late 1970’s, McDonald’s persuaded Lavin to join the business full-time as McDonald’s was expanding. By the early 1980’s Lavin had controlling interest of one-half of OSI Group (the current company name). The last partner retired and soon Lavin gained control of the whole company. The company expanded into the Philippines, China, Japan, India and South Africa. They already had a big presence in Europe and Brazil.

UK’s Flagship Europe, an OSI Group company earned the award for Best Global Diversified Food Supplier -UK. Sheldon Lavin received the Global Visionary Award from India’s World Vision Academy. It awards those who have turned their dreams into reality.

Currently, in his early 80s, Lavin is pursuing further growth for the company, with a focus on going deeper into Asia and Europe. The company is still the largest meat supplier to McDonald’s. They have 55 facilities supporting McDonalds around the world.

Sheldon Lavin is involved with many charities including the Ronald McDonald House, Inner City Foundation of Chicago, and others. He is a contributor to the Jewish United Fund and a number of other Jewish charities. He contributes to Evans Scholarship Fund, Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago, the United Negro College Fund and the Multiple Sclerosis Society. Lavin was married to his wife of 55 years, before her passing. Together they raised three children, who all have their own families.