Gregory Aziz and Sturdy Railroad Freight Cars

Gregory James Aziz works for a company called National Steel Car Ltd. as its Chief Executive Officer. People in his industry frequently call him “Greg Aziz.” Gregory J. Aziz lives in Hamilton, Ontario in Canada right now. He’s resided in the North American nation for his entire life so far. National Steel Car Ltd. is an established global company that manufactures and engineers railroad freight cars. Greg James Aziz is also the company’s President and Chairman.


National Steel Car Ltd. has been part of the manufacturing and engineering industries for more than a full century now. People all throughout the large North American continent recognize the National Steel Car name, too. They connect this name to fine craftsmanship and dedication. Greg Aziz and the rest of the National Steer Car staff members are always working hard. These professionals are always taking things to brand new levels. They’re never complacent or satisfied with their earlier accomplishments. They’re always aiming to up the ante in the best possible ways.


This firm specializes in a range of vital services. People who are searching for freight car elements and parts regularly rely on National Steel Car. People who are interested in part supply and aftermarket sales frequently rely on the business as well. The National Steel Car staff understands many components that relate to wheel sets, trucks, body bolsters, ladder rounds, handholds, brake piping and fulcrum brackets. This company presents clients with many diverse and interesting choices in railcars. People can explore coal, centerbeam, auto rack, 29,000G tank, 30,500G tank, 25,500G tank, flat, covered hopper, coil and gondola options. They can learn in considerable detail about super duty box, open top hopper, jumbo box car, intermodal well, intermodal spine and more, too. Get More Information Here.


Gregory J. Aziz’s date of birth is April 30th, 1949. His birth location was London, Ontario. He didn’t stray far at all from his Ontario roots. He did a lot of learning at Ridley College. Going to the University of Western Ontario was a major turning point for him. He received an invaluable educational experience there. His economics major at the school changed his career in many meaningful and irreplaceable ways.

Greg Aziz appreciates his neighborhood and community. National Steel Car in general does, too. The company responds to its desire to assist its surroundings by taking on numerous sponsorships. It’s been a sponsor to the Salvation Army, Theatre Aquarius and others.

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