How To Make Money Through Traveling Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard is a Multi-Level Marketing MLM company that gives you an opportunity to make money working from home by being a wine guide. The company started off as a simple wine tasting enterprise in a backyard, in 2001.

As a wine guide, who loves wine, you can start making money to supplement your income by sharing wine tasting experiences with other wine lovers in relaxing settings. You get to make flexible working schedules as you help wine lovers enjoy their favorite wines in various parties and events.

Working From The Comfort Of Your Home
Once you join Traveling Vineyard, you’ll be required to purchase a Success Kit that has plenty of learning materials, brochures, and other wine accessories such as decanters, openers and amazing wine glasses. The training and support processes will help you master the art and set out on your own. Traveling Vineyard gives you the flexibility to set your own targets and invite more friends to join to increase your revenue working as a wine guide. In other words, the opportunities and money making platforms are limitless for all Traveling Vineyard wine guides.

How Traveling Vineyard works
After signing up or applying for the opportunity, the company pairs you up with a leader in your locality. The leader will act as your guide and mentor in learning how the process works and show you how to choose the tasting sets that will suit your work from home prospects. It’s pretty simple, you join the Tasting Room and learn everything you need to know on the online training platform. It teaches the basics on how to approach and nurture a client base in your area who love wines. Building a team of other guides is one of the simplest strategies for succeeding in expanding your wine guide tasting business.

Then, there’s the Harvest Conference that has speakers who offer tips and details on how to succeed as a Traveling Vineyard wine guide. This is also a great avenue to hang out with other guides and experienced wine guides. You can also participate in mini-classes, regional gatherings and costume contests to get more information to any areas of concern or answers to all your questions on how it all works. These platforms are great for sharing your wine guide story and listening to other success stories from other wine guides in your state.