Kim Dao’s First Day in Florence, Italy

Kim Dao and her cousin were put up at a hotel in Germany because their flight to Florence, Italy was delayed one half hour, and they missed the plane. One day later, Kim Dao and her cousin were put on standby because there was no room for them on the plane. She does not mind if the trip is cut down by half a day. If the trip is cut down more that that, it could ruin the trip to Florence. Air Berlin gave Kim Dao and her cousin business seats. Learn more:


Kim Dao and her cousin were given business seating and arrived in the daylight. After checking into their hotel room, the duo had lunch at a Florence cafe where Kim Dao ordered ravioli and mushrooms and wine. After lunch. Cousin Bobby and Kim Dao rented a car and drove to the  Leaning Tower of Pisa . The twosome strolled through a village with street vendors selling food, drink, clothing, and accessories to get to The Leaning Tower of Pisa. Kim Dao bought a black cherry ice-cream cone. Kim Dao wanted to take photos of the structure, but she only got some video footage. There were plenty of mini Leaning Tower of Pisa keychains for sale from the street vendors . Learn more:


After the cousins visited the tower of Pisa, they decided to drive down to the beach and walk around a little before going down to the market to look around. At the outdoor market, they sold cotton dresses, cellphone aceessories, etc. Learn more: