Jason Hope Takes A Stand For The Internet Of Things

Entrepreneur Jason Hope is on a mission to evangelize the Internet of Things, a movement in technology based on all kind of disparate devices being wi-fi equipped to sync with each other and connect to the internet.

Jason Hope is a futurist who believes that the Internet of Things will become most important movement in consumer and business tech. He expects internet connectivity to quickly move past our current conception of being confined largely to devices like PCs and smartphones, eventually permeating almost every aspect of daily life.

As a philanthropist, Hope is not only concerned with connective appliances but with the potential impact of robust investing in Internet of Things concepts for fields like health care. Of particular interest is GPS tracking of accidents, so emergency responses are able to react quickly and efficiently. This kind of tracking is especially key for rural areas, where witnesses to accidents are not guaranteed.

Jason Hope is known for supporting futurist thought, philanthropy, and investing in new technology ideas. Hope also provides business consulting services, leveraging his experience in tech and investing.

Hope resides in Arizona, where he grew up and completed his Degree in Finance and subsequently his MBA at Arizona State University. A life-long Arizonian, Hope currently resides in Scottsdale, keeping close ties to the local politics and economy of his home state.

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