Hughes Marino Is the Premier Commercial portfolio lease administration/advisory Firm in the United States

The Hughes Marino team uses a proven track record, up-to-date regulatory standards, and on-time delivery of services. This, to ensure clients are delighted with their property investments. The team consists of experienced attorneys, portfolio lease administration/advisory agents, and loan officers who work together to ensure integrity, accuracy, and timely completion of all contracts and contracts of sale. 


As part of their license, the attorneys in charge at the representation firm´s of portfolio lease administration/advisory law are required to complete the bar exam. This is done to ensure the team at the representation firm is up-to-date with the latest state and federal laws and rules. The firm also does business in Washington, D.C., where it represents the Mayor of the District of Columbia. 


This is done through strategic representation focused on the needs and needs of the business owner and tenant. Through our experience and expertise, we can assist you in navigating the regulatory, legal, and contractual needs that come with the practice of commercial portfolio lease administration/advisory. When looking for a new or used apartment or office lease, Hughes Marino states that most business owners will turn to the internet or by phone. 


In most cases, the renter will be the renter, and the office property will be the office. This is not always the case. For example, a landlord might want to sell a property, but the tenant doesn’t want to move. In this case, as Hughes Marino recalls, the tenant will likely want a sublease with the landlord. The sublease would allow the tenant to continue living in the building but at a lower rent.

Hughes Marino: We work with clients in a wide range of industries and geographies to identify the needs of their potential tenants and owner-users, as well as the best ways to maximize the potential of each relationship. We can help you land the best tenants, create the perfect ownership experience for your customers, negotiate the best rental rates, build the ideal marketing campaign and interact with the best contractors and employees.