Happy Joe’s High Quality Fast Food Chain

Happy Joe’s is a small food truck in sunny San Diego, California. It serves up all the best fast food favorites. Joe’s is a father-son team, and they have a love for creating dishes that are high-quality yet quick and easy to order.


Joe’s father, Joe Sr., was always surprised when he went to restaurants that would say they were only hiring cooks who had five years of experience. He felt there was no way someone could be employed without prior knowledge or training, so he decided to teach his son how to cook with him by the side. At Happy Joe’s, his son enjoyed it so much that he decided to work with his father when he turned 18.


Every day they would test out new recipes, which customers loved. Once they had perfected a recipe, they made the food available at local events and nights on the town. Their American pizza parlor business grew from there, and people were always coming up to them asking where they could get their food on a regular basis. Happy Joe’s is people’s favorite family place for dining. 


Joe opened up in 2012, and ever since then, no one has complained about the food because it is made to order and is all fresh ingredients! This makes Happy Joe’s different from other quick service stops. They are special because most of their food is prepared right in front of you. No one goes off a menu and leaves with food that they don’t like. Everything they make is fresh, nothing is pre-made, and they only use fresh ingredients. 

Happy Joe’s is different and special. The passion shown by Joe Sr. and Joe Jr. in the kitchen allows them to be creative and put their own special twist on the classic foods we all know and love. They opened a second location for breakfast tacos because their customers asked for them! Lineups can form before the restaurant even opens, so this proves that there is a huge demand for these three breakfast tacos.