Ex-Johnson Controls CEO Alex A Molinaroli

At Johnson Controls, Alex A Molinaroli managed the company through a transformation that divested its automotive businesses and merged with Tyco International, turned the brand into a premium industrial company, and expanded its footprint in China.

Besides those accomplishments, Molinaroli was also an early member of the leadership team that helped lead Johnson to acquire Tyco International. Upon leaving Johnson Controls in 2017, Alex A Molinaroli turned his attention to advising companies poised for leadership change through his two private investment firms, Venture Six Financial LLC and Capital Vectors LLC, while partnering with hedge fund manager Jonathan Kopelman establish VCAA European Advisors.

Today, he dedicates many of his hours to advising leaders and serving as a mentor for others as a venture partner. Alex A Molinaroli’s unique combination of mentoring other leaders keeps him excited about what he does day-to-day. Through face-to-face meetings or via social media when not travelling for business, Molinaroli looks out on a sea of peers, including public speakers and law firms, looking to hire new leaders.

He likes to stay engaged with what he does every step of the way. He thinks it’s a good problem to have. Everyone on this planet believes Alex A Molinaroli has unprecedented insights into absolutely everything. But he tries to take it a day at a time; don’t look too far ahead, only think about what is right in front of you hiding in your future. This isn’t life. This is business.

He’s got a unique perspective on company culture as well as leadership. At Johnson Controls, he was reimagining then supporting large-scale, multi-generational organizational change and a brutal corporate World War II-themed leadership program.

Molinaroli strives to infuse an overwhelming sense of humility into everything he does and through teaching about business to so many people, including how to look at a seemingly impossible situation and devise a brilliant plan for action for sustainable change. He is also known worldwide for his deep dive into America’s complex healthcare system; Molinaroli wrote three books on Medicaid in 2017 during his transition out of Johnson Controls after many years as CEO.

Check out this article: https://www.cnbc.com/2017/06/26/johnson-controls-ceo-is-bullish-on-china-and-india.html